About Us

FinFix® is a company that specializes in financial research and wealth management. Our journey started in 2014 as a research enterprise, focused on studying and presenting reports on various aspects of macroeconomics, investment products, and global markets. Gradually, we began to understand how investments are impacted, amongst other things, from the inconsistencies between theory and practise. With an aim to foster the right mindset and help investors navigate the complex web of choices, we added wealth management to our portfolio.

Over the years, we have built our identity on the foundation of insightful financial knowledge. We continue to build and harness this foundation to help our clients meet their financial milestones. At FinFix®, we pride ourselves in offering an uncompromised, all-encompassing approach to ensure exceptional service to our clients. Every day, we work earnestly, efficiently, and tirelessly in order for our work to speak for itself. Driven by a progressive attitude, our work ethic is built on the core conviction that only our client’s growth can fuel our success.

What We Do

Wealth Management

While a cornucopia of information exists on investments, it remains under-utilized due to lack of discipline and oversight. At FinFix®, we embed the principle of asset allocation as part of a meticulous approach towards managing your wealth.


Financial research is at the core of FinFix®. In addition to providing insightful research solutions to our B2B clients, we leverage our research capabilities to make our investment management processes more robust.


We believe that women are excellent at managing money, but this skill is often limited to household budgets. WIN™ is our initiative to make women more aware and proactive with matters related to personal finance.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is analogous to a GPS guided navigation system. Just like a navigation system is needed to traverse through unfamiliar grounds, financing planning is paramount to any financial journey.